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Welcome to the Emerald Museum

The Emerald Museum is a project developed by the Diaz Alfaro Bros, owners of the company Joyeria Caribe, this museum is an honor to the contribution made by the ancient cultures such as goldsmith techniques, highlighting the heritage values of the myths and legends about emeralds and gold.

Beryls' Chamber

Is the space in the museum, which presents a solo exhibition of Beryls, according to color, this well exposed, emeralds from different geographical latitudes. The House of beryl is intended to contextualize the visitors in the generic and significant aspects of the beryl gemstone and differentiation of these with gems.

Million Carat Chamber

Here you may know about how emeralds are found and see very rare and big specimens before meeting our most preciated jewel, Petra.

Petra  is a real miracle because the use of explosives in the extraction of emeralds often breaks the matrix in many small pieces. Nevertheless, as unbelievable as it seems PETRA remained intact and broke a record in the emerald mining in the country since it converted in the largest emerald in matrix ever discovered in Colombia. Once the emeralds are out of the bearing vein they are extracted from the small matrixes and kept in safe bags that are later shown to the mine partners.

This was not the case for PETRA because it rather was preserved unbroken, in one unique and exclusive piece.  There are more than sixty nicely shaped clear green and translucent emerald crystals glittering against the white calcite vein in the background.

Petra was taken by road to the mine administration building then to Bogotá, the world emerald capital, and then to Cartagena where will remain exhibited to our museum visitors.

El Dorado Chamber

Muiscas were a native group that inhabited the Cun-boyacense highlands from 600 AD belonging to the Chibcha linguistic family from Central America. According to rumors at the time all the circumciser people knew that Muiscas performed a ceremony in the  Guatavita lagoon where they elected a new Zipa.

This room is intended to claim the ceremony performed by Muisca Indian society before the Iberian conquest and from this point that El Dorado was not a myth or a legend, but became one of the most important ceremonial acts of the pre-Columbian history and during the conquest.

In this exhibition also are found pre-Columbian and ancient pieces as the Man of Hudson, the Malgana.

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